Belgian startup Intigriti raises €4 million to grow ethical hacking community and protect sustainable tech companies


Intigriti, an “ethical hacking” security company based in Antwerp, has raised €4.1 million in a round led by ETF Partners and joined by various business angels. The fresh funding will go to international growth and developing a special suite of services to protect companies that are working in sustainability.

With its community of hackers, the Belgian startup offers its customers (currently 75 of them) continuous vulnerability testing. The hackers test selected areas of a client’s infrastructure and receive a pay-out – what’s called a ‘bug bounty’ – only if they root out a genuine weak point. As a service, Intigriti helps clients design and manage their bug bounty programmes, incoming vulnerability reports and payments.

ETF, which contributed €3.8 million of the round, focuses on sustainability investments and was drawn to the Belgian startup’s attention to this sector, which partner Remy de Tonnac says is particularly susceptible to attacks: “Sustainable solutions based on the introduction of new technologies such as sensors, cloud computing, AI, or automation are being developed and implemented at an unprecedented pace for people, cities and industries – allowing them to thrive whilst reducing the environmental impact. But a lot of these digital and decentralized systems are vulnerable to malicious hackers, as they hold lots of personal data, with backdoor access points to critical infrastructure.”

Commenting on the investment, CEO and founder Stijn Jans said: “We wanted to work with an investor that shares the same worldview as us – wanting to make the world a better and safer place.”

Photo: CEO and founder Stijn Jans

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