Equity crowdfunding site Invesdor launches in Sweden with Sharpfin campaign

Sharpfin, a Swedish wealth management software company, has raised SEK 2.2 million (€200,000) through equity crowdfunding platform Invesdor. It will continue the campaign with a target of SEK 5 million (€520,000).

The Stockholm-based fintech company is the first Swedish campaign launched through Finland’s Invesdor, an equity crowdfunding platform first founded in 2012.

“We believe that crowdfunding is the future of investments. Having many investors investing smaller portions make their investment portfolios more diverse,” said Markus Alin, CEO and co-founder of Sharpfin.

According to Lasse Mäkelä, CEO of Invesdor (pictured), Sweden will be an important market for the crowdfunding site moving forward: “Swedish investors are very experienced and savvy, and we have learnt that they are hungry for more alternative investments.”

It is hosting an official launch event in Stockholm next week and is planning to launch another equity crowdfunding campaign in Sweden soon. “It is going to be a big one; we’re launching in Sweden with a bang,” added Mäkelä.

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