Lithuania’s Trafi announces a seamless multimodal mobility app in partnership with BVG in Berlin

Eine Frau benutzt am Donnerstag (14.02.19) in Berlin die App Jelbi . Foto: BVG/Oliver Lang

Vilnius-founded mobility platform Trafi has announced the launch of a new multimodal mobility app called Jelbi in partnership with BVG, the main public transport company in Berlin. The app is expected to launch in early summer this year.

Jelbi will allow urban travellers to switch between different modes of transportation — such as public transport, shared e-scooters and bikes, taxis, and car-sharing solutions — without having to jump between different apps. Available for iOS and Android, Jelbi is a white-label solution powered by Trafi’s technology and branded under the BVG flag.

Among the mobility companies that will be available on the new app are Miles car sharing, Emmy scooters, Nextbike, and BerlKönig.

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