Snyk, the London-based software helping developers build security into their products, has raised a whopping $150 million Series C round, funded by Stripes, Coatue, Tiger Global, BoldStart, Trend Forward, Amity and Salesforce Ventures.

“In this age of software-driven everything, DevOps and cloud, the responsibility of security needs to expand — from a siloed approach with a singular security team to a more broad, integrated approach that drives shared ownership between the security, ops and development teams,” explained the startup, in an announcement about the funding.

Founded in 2015, Snyk bills itself as “developer-first,” meaning it is built with developers in mind and seamlessly integrates with other popular DevOps tools. The goal is help organisations build security into the application development process and the company culture at large. Specifically, Snyk helps teams find and fix vulnerabilities in open source dependencies and container images.

As a result, “the development teams become self-sufficient, […] easily embedding security into their continuous development process and tools. They no longer have to wait for anyone to give them the green light to keep moving fast.”

Snyk has other offices around the world, including Tel Aviv, Boston, Ottawa, and the Bay Area of California. With the new funding, the company will invest in product innovation, deeper expansion into the EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions, and broader support of the DevSecOps community.

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