Cambridge-based medtech startup PredictImmune raises £10 million in Series B round to treat immune-mediated diseases

PredictImmune, developers of prognostic tests for guiding treatment in immune-mediated diseases, closed its Series B round of funding at £10 million. The investment, led by Parkwalk and BFG, will enable global commercial expansion and enrich the firm’s product pipeline.   

With the freshly raised capital, PredictImmune plans to continue its expansion across Europe and the US and to expand its product development in the area of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) as well as into a range of additional autoimmune areas.   

Tim Rea, an investor at BGF commented: “A decade of research from highly-dedicated academic and management teams has been effectively translated into a tool that will materially impact the lives of those afflicted with IBD.”

A spin-off from the University of Cambridge, PredictImmune from the start aimed to develop and commercialise a series of biomarker tests to guide physicians in the treatment of patients with immune-mediated disease, through prediction of long-term clinical prognosis. Currently the immune-mediated diseases, such as IBD and SLE are chronic and incurable with clinical courses that vary among individuals with the same disease.  

Michael Anstey, partner at Cambridge Innovation Capital, is “especially excited about the lead product PredictSURE IBD, which has the potential to end ‘trial-and-error medicine’ for patients suffering with IBD.”

PredictImmune’s first prognostic test, PredictSURE IBD, enables both clinicians and IBD patients (with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis) to understand, at the point of diagnosis, the likely course of disease – differentiating between an aggressive or milder form of the disease – and opens up the possibility of better treatment choices from the start. With a better understanding of the impact the disease may have, options such as life-style changes to improve the day to day management of the disease can be discussed and implemented much earlier on in the treatment process. PredictSURE IBD is now available in the UK.

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