UK edtech startup Mindstone raises $2.2 million for tool that lets you annotate the web


Mindstone, an online “compound learning” tool that allows people to annotate the web, has closed a $2.2 million seed round led by Moonfire Ventures. The Fund, Zanichelli Venture & Nex.D also participated in the round.

As a concept, compound learning is rooted in increasing the connections between new and existing knowledge, which helps one learn faster and remember more.

Mindstone has brought this model of continuous, integrated learning to digital content. The platform lets users organise, share and take notes on web pages, PDFs and academic papers easily. It gathers together user highlights for easy reference and automatically generates flashcards for quick study sessions.

“We are determined to close the gap that 200 years of education systems have yet to fill: how we learn. At Mindstone, we don’t represent an establishment or an institution. We only represent the learner,” said CEO and co-founder Joshua Wohle. Back in 2013 he co-founded SuperAwesome, a digital media ecosystem designed for children that was recently acquired by Epic Games.

Headquartered in London, Mindstone is currently serving students and professionals wanting to accelerate their own learning, as well as institutions from Techstars (building courses on scaling early-stage startups) to Queen’s College London (facilitating group work while socially distanced).

The Mindstone team knows a thing or two about collaborating from afar. The edtech company was founded in March 2020 and has been set up entirely remotely.

Photo: Mindstone team

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