Nowi raises €1.5 million for its IoT power module technology

Dutch energy startup Nowi has raised €1.5 million in funding from Amsterdam VC firm Disruptive Technology Ventures.

Nowi is developing a power module for IoT sensors that it claims won’t run out of power.

“By getting energy from WiFi, GSM signals, light and movement that is all around us and effectively harnessing this to power sensors,” explained CEO Simon van der Jagt.

“The Nowi power module eliminates the need for frequent battery changes or impractical cables. Instead it enables any sensor company to use external ambient energy sources and thereby reduce the need for maintenance. We call this Plug & Forget.”

The new funds will be invested in commercialising the technology. The company is also being advised by Ad Scheepbouwer, the former CEO of Dutch telecom KPN, on bringing the product to market.

“This €1.5 million investment and the experience of the investment team brings this vision a significant step closer to reality,” said van der Jagt.

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