Dutch SaaS startup Objective Platform has raised €2 million in a round led by Amsterdam-based B2B investor Newion. The Hatch Firm and Robbert Visser also participated.

Founded in 2014, Objective Platform lets companies track their omnichannel marketing and advertising activities, both online and offline. The insights allow teams to make smarter budgeting decisions and optimize campaigns accordingly.

Over the years the company has gained enterprise customers such as Deutsche Telekom Group, Coolblue and Vattenfall. Though originally based in Amsterdam, the team now also works from offices in London and Singapore.

“Having opened offices in Singapore and London recently, this investment comes at a pivotal moment,” says CEO Rudy de Back, adding that the fresh capital will help expand the platform in Europe and Asia.

Newion recently backed another omnichannel marketing tool, leading a €2.5 million investment in Sweden’s Mediatool last month.

Photo of Objective Platform’s management team, from right front to left front: Thomas van Noort, Hans van Kampen, Willem van der Weide, Elbert Fliek, Sven Meijer, Rudy de Back

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