Redgate, the vendor of database development solutions for IT professionals, is investing $10 million in the acquisition and ongoing development of the cross-platform database migrations tool, Flyway 

For Redgate, already widely known for its SQL Server database expertise, the move will accelerate the company’s plans to help developers include the database in DevOps, regardless of what type of database they are working on.

“We’ve spent the last five years developing a portfolio of SQL Server tools that enable developers to include the database in DevOps, and we want to give those same advantages to every developer on any platform. With Flyway, we’ve just taken a huge leap forward in that direction,” says Simon Galbraith, CEO and co-founder of Redgate.

With 100,000 companies using Redgate tools, including 91% of those in the Fortune 100, the company is planning to extend its product roadmap beyond database DevOps for SQL Server to new database platforms that Flyway supports, from Oracle to MySQL, PostgreSQL to Amazon Redshift.

Initially created as an open-source project, Flyway’s free community edition has seen over 23 million downloads, along with a growing number of commercial customers using its paid-for editions. Axel Fontaine, the original developer of Flyway, will work on the tool alongside a development team from Redgate as part of the acquisition. Together they will maintain a free version of Flyway, available under the open source Apache v2 license, aiming to reinforce its position as the open-source database migrations tool of choice.

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