Tel Aviv startup Spectral exits stealth mode with $6 million for code security tool


Tel Aviv startup Spectral has exited stealth mode and announced $6.2 million in funding for its developer-first code security scanner. The seed round was led by Amiti and MizMaa Ventures.

In a sector called ‘DevSecOps’, the startup has built a hybrid engine that combines hundreds of detectors with AI to identify and block costly coding mistakes. These mistakes could be exposing internal API keys or committing passwords and other sensitive access data to repositories and cloud providers.

Dotan Nahum, the startup’s CEO and co-founder, has a background as CTO at Como, HiredScore and unicorn Fintech company Klarna, as well as 20 years of open-source contribution.

“Scanning tools today take long minutes or even hours to run in a given pipeline,” he said. “Some developers are so overwhelmed by slow, irrelevant, and non-intuitive results that they stop using scanners altogether.”

The system can scan any programming language and find mistakes internally as well as externally, spotting code that accidentally made its way into the public realm.

Founded in the middle of last year, the startup says its system has already discovered public breaches in over 20 Fortune 500 companies.

Photo by the Spectral team

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