French company Travelaer designs and builds digital solutions for the travel industry to improve the customer experience. It has just raised a €4.3 million round led by Entrepreneur Venture, with participation from Pléiade Venture, and previous investors Calypso Capital and Alderville.

What’s the purpose of Travelaer?

“The travel industry has been forcing customers to book and manage travel online in the same way for the past 20 years,” said Travelaer co-founder and CEO Mike Slone in a statement. “The big travel tech companies, which are focused more on transactions than customer experience, require airlines to adopt technology that leads their customers into unfortunate and unnecessarily bad digital experiences. We are here to change this.”

Travelaer builds products designed to improve the experience of travellers – in booking, in airports, and in-flight. The company’s products include Travel Paas, an airline online booking and trip management platform, and Comversational, a messaging platform (with chatbots) that enables travel companies to automate customer service using Facebook Messenger and other channels. Founded in 2013, Travelaer’s customers currently include several airlines.

The company allows airline customers to take control of their customers’ digital experiences, which they claim leads to improved customer satisfaction scores and increased conversion rates. According to Paulo Ornelas, Director of IT for Sata/Azores Airlines, “since moving our Internet booking engine to Travelaer’s Travel Paas, we increased our mobile conversion rate by 200% and increased our per visit value in excess of 150%.”

The additional capital, according to Slone, will help Travelaer to further innovate, expand geographically, and partner with more airlines and travel companies.

“As experienced e-commerce, SaaS and travel-tech investors, we were seduced by Travelaer’s ability to bring e-commerce best practices and the latest technologies to the travel industry in a great software solution,” said Entrepreneur Venture Investment Director Charles Fossey in a statement. “We believe in their ability to disrupt their industry by transforming the traveler experience.”

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