Belgian startup TrendMiner (de facto a product from Hasselt-based D square), which specialises in big data search and mining software, has raised €5 million in funding.

A spin-off company of K.U.Leuven, TrendMiner received the capital injection from a consortium of investors that includes LRM (see here for more information on them), PMV and the Gemma Frisius fund. The primary backers, however, are Fortino (which is investing almost half the total amount) and angel investors such as Clear2Pay founder Jurgen Ingels.

TrendMiner hit about €2 million euro in turnover this year, serving some of the biggest industrial and pharma companies in the world with roughly 30 staff.

Next up is expansion in the United States, where TrendMiner just opened an office.

Earlier this year, Belgian software company Collibra, which specialises in data governance solutions, raised 20.5 million euros ($23 million) in Series B funding from Index Ventures and Dawn Capital.

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