London-based VC fund and startup service provider K&T Capital has closed a €20 million funding round from unspecified private investors. Co-founded by Ukrainian-born Roman Taranov, who is also the co-founder and CEO of the payment aggregator RGK Mobile, K&T Capital focuses on post-seed stage startups coming from Eastern Europe and the CIS.

K&T is on the lookout for startups working in the space of mobile, advertising, fintech, and IoT. The firm also calls itself a “hybrid accelerator” and claims to be able to “create and implement Europe/Asia growth strategies for startups based in emerging economies,” as well as provide financial, legal, and marketing support to its portfolio companies.

“The companies K&T typically takes on are usually profitable, the issues they do face have to do with growth limitations and out-of-border expansion restrictions,” Taranov told “K&T offers consulting services which include legal, business, financial, and branding re-structuring, helping our portfolio companies set up legal entities outside of their current zone, most often developing markets, providing both networking and practical tools for growth and next-stage funding. Unlike most accelerators, K&T doesn’t take equity but rather charges for the specific services it provides, on an individual basis.”

K&T Capital’s portfolio currently includes RGK Mobile, which was founded by Taranov himself, as well as Ukrainian smart energy startup Ecoisme and 7Ads, a native advertising company that’s currently focusing on the CIS market and operates under the name Oblivki.

Photo by João Barbosa on Unsplash

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