Vilnius-based Qoorio raises €2 million to launch its knowledge-sharing app in the UK


Qoorio, a Lithuanian knowledge-sharing app, has raised €2 million, led by Luxembourg-based Mangrove Capital. Other investors include Change Ventures, 70 Ventures, Mantas Mikuckas, and Vytautas Kubilius, and others.

Qoorio came about when its co-founders, Justas Janauskas and Gabija Grušaitė, realized that they live in social bubbles, where friends and acquaintances usually share the same profession, hobbies, and interests.

“We are all stuck in our social bubbles and associate with people who are similar to us. It is hard for an artist to get business advice from friends or for a lawyer to find a knowledgeable person to navigate her through the tricky world of art collecting. And that is what Qoorio offers – access to real-life knowledge,” commented Grušaitė.

Users can navigate the Qoorio platform through a variety of interest areas and connect with someone who has relevant experience in a particular subject. They can meet for a coffee, chat online, arrange a phone call, or otherwise connect to learn and share.

Launched this past June, Qoorio already has over 20,000 users sharing their experiences with others, while monetizing their knowledge — and in some cases donating the earnings to charity. With the new funding, the app will launch in the UK.

“The platform’s team has proven in a short space of time that people are willing and able to pay for unique knowledge and experience while other people are willing to share it. Qoorio is creating a brand new product category and we are very happy to help this great team grow and expand internationally,” says Yannick Oswald, principal at Mangrove Capital.

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