F6S and Startup Europe Week are teaming up for SEW 2018


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F6S, the community that drives founder and startup growth to opportunity, has partnered with Startup Europe Week (SEW) by supporting SEW events with its leading startup events platform and community of F6S founders and entrepreneurs.

Startup Europe Week organises hundreds of events every year and, now in its third year, will benefit from F6S’s network to build an even stronger grassroots movement for startups. F6S has more than a million entrepreneurs and investors in its network.

F6S will focus on communication and awareness of SEW’s numerous events on a single platform and provide SEW event organisers and coordinators 24/7 online support. The F6S platform will also help in extracting insights to make next year’s SEW even more impactful.


Given the sheer number of events organised every year, this will help organisers and attendees find out about events and stay up to date with what’s happening for founders and startups in their city. F6S and SEW will collaborate on spreading awareness of SEW to increase attendance and mobilise startup ecosystems across the continent.

Startup Europe Week is an initiative founded in 2015 and is promoted by the European Commission and Startup Europe to bring together entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and policymakers for an open dialogue on stimulating the continent’s startup ecosystem.

The 2018 edition of SEW will take place between March 9-15 across 200 cities in 40 countries, from Ukraine to Spain and Germany to Romania. Each city will focus on a specific topic or concern, all with the goal of growing both the local ecosystems and the wider European tech scene.

F6S has engaged more than 2.35 million people, registered close to 900,000 startups, and is supported by more than 15,000 partners – including corporates, startup groups, and government.

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