{"data":[{"type":"text","data":{"text":"Finding new friends who share your aspirations and have similar goals is always exciting—especially when you can do things together to add value to the community. It looks like Tech.eu has found one just now, and we’re happy to discover a new way in which we can be of use to the community. Some of our regular readers have probably noticed a new link in the top menu bar—so here’s the story behind it.\n\nOur main mission here at Tech.eu is to support the European startup ecosystem by providing all the data that different players may need to make informed decisions. There's one important form of information, however, that hadn't been available until just recently: the job opportunities in the startups and larger tech companies we're writing about.\n\nLooking at the hundreds if not thousands of funding news stories we've run over the years, one can easily see that most of the startups raising money are planning to expand their teams. This means that there are new job openings in European tech companies coming up every day, and filling them quickly would give a boost to the ecosystem's growth. With that in mind, we set out to find the best possible partner to work with us on this.\n\nNow, we're excited to officially present our [shiny new jobs page](https://jobs.tech.eu/) that we run in partnership with [Landing.jobs](https://landing.jobs/), a Lisbon\\-founded recruitment platform focused on tech jobs in Europe. We’re extremely happy to have found a partner that is well established in the industry and can bring enormous value for both talent and tech companies.\n\nLanding.jobs lists all sorts of jobs in the tech sector, from software developers and QA to product managers and UI/UX designers. Its biggest markets are currently Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the UK, while the list of employers on board includes well\\-known names like N26, Farfetch, mytaxi, XING, Uniplaces, Onfido, Feedzai, Soundcloud, Volkswagen, Pipedrive, Zalando, and HelloFresh to name a few. Applicants from outside the EU can always look for job openings that include visa support from the employer as well.\n\nIt’s not just about a list of clients and some exclusive job openings across Europe, though.\n\nOne of the main reasons we've partnered with Landing.jobs is the values we both share. The platform is a vocal advocate of transparency during all steps of the recruitment processes; we're always sure that candidates have access to all information beforehand to make the right, well\\-informed, decisions. At the same time, privacy is very important for us, so no applicant on the platform should ever have to be harassed by agency recruiters. Platform users decide which companies to apply to and which contact requests they find interesting before any information is shared—resulting in anonymity and controlled privacy.\n\nOn the employer side, Landing.jobs only works with companies that take recruitment seriously, so we can always guarantee the quality of openings listed on Tech.eu's jobs page. Applications completed through the platform are also considered high\\-quality by hiring managers, and feedback loops are normally very fast and efficient.\n\nWe—that is, Tech.eu and Landing.jobs—are looking forward to helping both talented people and the best employers in tech find each other.\n\nLooking for a job in European tech companies? Looking to hire top talent for your team? Now you know [where to go](https://jobs.tech.eu/).\n\n_Photo by [Jake Buonemani](https://unsplash.com/photos/Y9N5KCkPGNU?utm\\_source=unsplash&utm\\_medium=referral&utm\\_content=creditCopyText) on [Unsplash](https://unsplash.com/search/photos/water\\-landing?utm\\_source=unsplash&utm\\_medium=referral&utm\\_content=creditCopyText)_\n"}}]}