A chat with Uldis Leiterts, founder of data visualisation platform Infogr.am (video interview)


By far, one of the most interesting Internet companies to ever come out of Latvia is Infogr.am, which lets people easily and rapidly create nifty infographics online (disclosure: we regularly use the service for our reports, see for example Neil’s recent funding analysis for Q2).

In a video interview that’s been sitting in drafts for way too long, I catch up with Uldis Leiterts, the affable co-founder of Infogr.am, at the recent Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan.

Keep in mind that the numbers are probably a bit different by now, but a few months ago Infogr.am was already seeing 20 million unique visitors per month, with 60,000 new users signing up every month at the time Leiterts and I sat down for the chat.

Leiterts talked about how publishers using Infogr.am tend to see upticks in social sharing (up to +60%) when using its service, as the company is gradually shifting to a B2B strategy targeting primarily professional publishers and the education sector.

Info.gram has raised 1.5 million euros to date, and is looking to close another funding round before the end of the year to support its growth (business at the time of the interview was growing 12% month over month, Leiterts claims).

The startup recently made an unusual move, acquiring a blog about data visualisation called Visualoop, which was relaunched just two weeks ago.

Enjoy the interview and check out Infogr.am if you have data to visualise.

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