A small but notable acquisition in the UK tech ecosystem: Lokku, the 8-year old London-based company behind property search engine Nestoria, has taken over Find Properly for an undisclosed sum.

Ed Freyfogle, who founded Lokku together with Javier Etxebeste after both worked at Yahoo! Europe, said Find Properly will continue to function properly and that its ideas and technologies will be applied to the other markets it focuses on.

Find Properly was founded by Peter Thum-Bonanno only a little over a year ago and has drawn attention for its nifty real estate visualisations – particularly the one listing London property prices by tube line – and interactive tools.

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Freyfogle comments: “For many years we’ve focused on making the search for a place to live as simple as possible. Find Properly came up with an interesting twist on exactly that, so it’s great to be able to add it to Lokku family of brands.”

Featured image credit: Patricia Hofmeester / Shutterstock