CLCV, a French non-profit consumer protection association, this morning announced (PDF) that it is suing Netflix on grounds that the subscription video service does not comply with French consumer law.

In a statement, the organisation said it is suing Netflix before a Paris court over what it describes as “malicious and illegal clauses” in its contract terms that make the US company allegedly noncompliant with French consumer legislation.

Though the CLCV stated that it welcomes new entrants into the French audiovisual sector, the organisation accuses Netflix of not playing by the rules.

Netflix launched in France last September but runs its French operations from Luxembourg.

According to the CLCV, Netflix doesn’t provide information about a guaranteed minimum level of quality, or about refund arrangements if the picture quality was sub-standard, and can change the terms of contracts without informing its customers at any given time.

The organisation also complained that certain Netflix conditions referred back to English text, rather than French, which could pose a problem for users to understand which terms they were agreeing to.

Featured image credit: Twin Design / Shutterstock – Source: DigitalTVEUrope