Could QuizUp be the new Tinder? The French seem to think so, as it surges to #1 in France’s App store

Plain Vanilla Games have had quite the journey with QuizUp, after a wildly popular (and short) period as the game that everyone was playing, they recently pivoted and positioned themselves more as a Social Network. Now, it appears that a further pivot may be on the cards, this time to a dating app.

Quizup has been available in France since last year, but in the past week seen a heavy increase in usage, propelling it to number one in the French app store. Iceland-based Plain Vanilla are a little puzzled (no pun intended) as to the sudden increase in its popularity but have noticed a significant increase in chat usage.

Since the slight pivot, which took place in May, more emphasis has been placed on connecting with similar interests together, and this seems to be what has captured the imagination of the French, who appear to have taken this one step further and are using it to meet new people, with some even stating that they prefer it to Tinder as their dating app of choice.




It remains to be seen whether Plain Vanilla will capitalise on the surprise success in this market, but it appears there may be an opportunity for QuizUp to fill a gap for those tired of Tinder, and for other countries to follow France’s footsteps, as after all, it is the country of love.

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