We’re thrilled to announce our latest report, developed in close partnership with Stripe and Techstars and launched today on the main stage at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

It’s a doozy. It’s the first time anyone has ever undertaken research on early-stage technology startup activity on such a scale, this extensively. We dug deep, is what we’re saying.

Penned by our research lead Natalie Novick, the report – baptised ‘Seed The Future – A deep dive into European early-stage tech startup activity’ combines vetted data from a wide range of sources, insights from our combined team, case studies and additional voices from across the European tech industry.

Running a little north of 100 pages, it’s simply the greatest resource to date for anyone with an interest in exploring the state of early-stage tech in Europe. Best of all, thanks to our aforementioned partners, we get to give it away free of charge.