TechBBQ's Startups To Watch (2019)


In this free report, you can learn more about the startups and founders taking part in TechBBQ (the non-profit organised tech event in Copenhagen) this year. You will get to know the products and services they’re offering, and their unique solutions to challenges across a variety of fields, from education, to maritime technology, impact tech and beyond.

They’re building solutions using IoT, robotics, blockchain and drones. More importantly, you’ll discover, in their own words, what makes them tick, what motivates them, and what they’ve learned on their journeys thus far. and TechBBQ wanted to create this startup report because behind each brand on an expo booth, there’s a story. There’s a story about a team, who’s put in an incredible amount of work day in and day out to build something entirely new. And we think that story is worth knowing.

Each of these stories is unique, but what they share as startup founders is an uncertain road ahead. While their path forward will not be easy, their motivation to build solutions for the future should be celebrated. This report gives some insight into those founders and those stories that are shaping the ecosystem in the Nordics.


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