Swedish Pensionera launched its robot advisory service to provide personalized retirement planning advice in July 2016. Now the company has won the Optimizer Invest startup competition, and as a result, Pensionera founder Alexander Pärleros told Swedish publication Di Digital that the company is taking in €1.2 million. The company was valued at €8.7 million, and Optimizer Invest is now the owner of 14 percent of the company.

Pärleros said the company will use the funds to further its growth in Sweden before launching in its next market.

“We’re exploding! We launched our product five months ago and we already have 10,000 users, of which about 55 percent are paying customers,” said Pärleros.

“Optimizer Invest is amazing. They can help us expand globally and if we decide to an IPO, they can help us with that, just as they helped Catena. They also have a few members who will really help us grow,” Pärleros said.

Optimizer Invest has also invested in Catena Media, Tinitell and Readly.

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