Angry Birds maker Rovio has announced its financial results for 2013. While it is billed as a year of "solid results" and "milestones", the Finnish company's revenues were almost flat compared to 2012, and net profit took quite a hit (less than half of net income the year prior).

The key paragraph of the press release, with the results:

"Rovio´s total consolidated full-year revenue amounted to €156 million (2010: €6.5 million, 2011: €75.6 million, 2012: €152.2 million). Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) were €36.5 million (2010: €3.1 million, 2011: €46.9 million, 2012: €76.8 million), and net profit after tax was €26.9 million (2010: €3 million, 2011: €35.4 million, 2012: €55,5 million)."

Other key stats from the release:

  • Angry Birds exceeded 2 billion downloads to date
  • Number of employees grew from 500 to 800 in 2013
  • Animated TV content ( ToonsTV): 2 billion views and counting
  • Rovio Books produced over 100 titles in over 30 languages across more than 40 countries
  • Rovio’s Consumer Products business accounted for 47% of total revenue in 2013

> After three years of very strong growth, 2013 was a foundation\-building year. We invested in new business areas, such as animation and video distribution, ventured into new business models in games, and consolidated our strong market position in consumer products licensing. With these investments we have been gearing up for the future growing markets.

Rovio CFO Herkko Soininen

Featured image credit: LG / Flickr

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