After a recent name change and rebranding, Czech-based speaks to about setting itself apart from other online travel agents.
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  • Ron

    “We cover all the possible problems that can arise for you from such combinations.”, and

    “Kiwi is building more protections for travellers into its products, especially when it comes to flight disruptions and missing connections where it can get travellers onto a new connecting flight as soon as possible.”

    Sadly, this is a very disreputable company. A brief search of the internet finds dozens of very serious problems with KIWI.COM, including mine which I share below. This company guarantees NOTHING, protects travelers against NOTHING, takes responsibility for NOTHING, and provides itineraries that, if the traveler knew all the problems that they would find out AFTER booking, would recognize as completely unworkable. Here’s my specific case, similar to many others you can find on the internet:

    Beware, Beware, Beware – KIWI.COM – Never Again!

    In good faith we purchased flights from Sydney to Los Angeles with a connection in Auckland. Only after our purchase did we learn that we could not check-in online and would have to claim and re-check our baggage in Auckland – added risk and a hassle but seemed doable. The kicker was that ONLY AFTER claiming our baggage in Auckland did we learn that we had to go through New Zealand Immigration/Customs, even though only simply transiting the airport facility. The line was very long and very slow, taking 57 minutes to complete. Thus, the connection time that seemed OK was really condemned to failure from the start. The result was that check-in was “closed” for our subsequent flight when we arrived to check-in. KIWI.COM stuck us with the nearly $900 USD cost for booking subsequent flights at an upcharge rate.

  • Blane Després

    Pro: If you simply want to fly and save some dollars and don’t have to change flights or times, then it’s as good as others online.
    Cons: If you discover that you need to change your flight (time or date), then this is one of the worst companies to deal with in my experience. I needed to change a flight date. Filled in the form (twice) online. Never heard back from the company. I filled in the form requesting details for a refund. Nothing back. I used the Live Chat 3x and got promises to look into changes. Nothing back.
    The Manage Booking area permits you to input a change and you’re presented with a choice of times plus the “fee” to change. It is not a fee. It is the full cost of another ticket.
    I’ll enter the reference number for Kiwi but it won’t matter. They don’t do anything about the negative or to improve biz.

    **UPDATE Aug. 25/17**
    The negative review of kiwi caught someone’s attention after publication by TrustPilot. You can see the initial reaction below my reply. Here’s the email sent to “rectify” the issue; however, it comes the day before my daughter is to leave.

    August 25, 2017
    Hello Ivana,

    My daughter sent me your note and offer. I am the one who booked the trip for her thinking it would be a good deal. So, it took a negative comment in social media to finally get’s attention! Your response comes the day before she must leave. Little wonder the airlines –or kiwi– are reluctant to provide a complete or at least more substantial refund on such short notice, and no fault of our own. Good grief! And then you believe that a voucher for some piddly amount on a fictitious future booking thru kiwi somehow makes up for the absurdity of this whole issue? Sadly, too little, too late.

    No, keep your voucher. As I wrote in my comments to TrustPilot (and I’ll be returning there after this encounter and other venues I can find), we will be avoiding kiwi in the future regardless of what we might save. The hassle of non-communication, the ridiculous timing of your offer, and the pathetic “reparation” completely soured us against any future dealings with this outfit. Others provide (better) service.



    Forward (from my daughter) and to which I replied above:

    Subject: Reservation 3,226,372
    Date: A 25, 12 at 10:00:02 AM PDT
    To: NNNN

    Dear NNNN [my daughter],

    I am contacting you as a Customer Satisfaction Specialist from regarding your reservation 3,226,372.
    Your complaint was brought to my attention and therefore I have gone through your reservation to investigate the issue.
    First I would like to apologise for the inconvenience you had to face whilst using our services and I would like to summarize the issue which took place in this case.

    You made a reservation for three flights operated by two different airline carriers. [NB: It was one booking. The 3 flights were the results provided by kiwi as the flight “solution” to get my daughter overseas] On 7th of August you contacted our Customer service regarding the flight change, however, it took longer time than is usual for our Customer service representatives to verify the price for the flight change directly with the airline carriers. Meanwhile you filled the refund application form where you requested to assess the refund amount. Hence we contacted both airlines and in case of flight cancellation airline carriers can provide us only with the refund of airport taxes in amount of 126.476 EUR. In case you wish to proceed with the flight cancellation and get this refund amount, please let us know.

    Saying this and considering the unpleasant situation you have been through, we would like to somewhat remedy the situation as we aim to provide an excellent customer service and although our processes are usually very reliable, in this scenario, we unfortunately caused delays related to your bookings. We would hence like to offer you a 100 EUR voucher valid for 1 years time which can be used for you or anyone from your friends or family of course. Therefore please let me know if you accept the voucher as our apology so I can create a promo code for you.

    One more time we would like to apologise for this unpleasant situation, I understand how frustrating this inconvenience must have been for you.

    If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

    Best Regards,
    Customer Relations
    Reply from

    Published 41 hours ago
    Dear Blane,

    We are sorry to hear that your experience with our company is a negative one. Please let us investigate your reservation and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the outcome.

    Thank you for your patience.

    On behalf of,

    Customer Relations