The LIFE project looks at the different challenges for European startups during their development. Some eye-opening data and conclusions down below:
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  • Johan Goris

    I don’t think the numbers listed under ‘validation’ are representative for highly regulated domains like healthcare, where legal compliance is often underestimated and the evidence of essential safety-performance is a pre-requisite to put on the EU market or even investigate clinically.
    In healthcare, accuracy is key, depending of your App’s or device’s intended use(r)(s).

    Not too surprising that ‘team’ and ‘money’ stick together: clever investors (after a 360° risk analysis with due diligence) won’t throw you money if your ‘restricted’ team can’t face all pending issues … Vice versa, without money it’s hard to hire and compile all the specific expertise. Fortunately, unless you are hoarding your shares, there are other tricks to capture all you need from an early stage, so don’t opt for (and fail by) regulatory ignorance or avoidance.