London’s e-commerce SaaS solution Techsembly raises £1 million, sets Shopify and Magento in its sights

London’s e-commerce SaaS solution Techsembly raises £1 million, sets Shopify and Magento in its sights

London-based multi-store, mutli-vendor e-commerce solution for global scaling platform Techsembly has raised £1 million from SuperSeed Ventures and a number of undisclosed private investors.

The funding is expected to be used to assemble a cross-marketing team that will initially target European and Asian markets. 

“The opportunity to scale is huge. Amy and the Techsembly team have already built a best-in-class solution, and have demonstrated that they can deliver real value to their users. This is just the beginning,” comments SuperSeed Managing Partner Mads Jensen.

Breaking into local markets is never an easy task. The sheet cost and logistics can be overwhelming. Meeting this demand, Techsembly is an e-commerce SaaS solution built specifically for businesses that want to cross-borders, particularly when they want to appeal to and remain relevant in local markets.

Understanding that localisation goes far beyond simply changing the currency sign, Techsembly eases the pain by providing a platform for scaling, all under one umbrella. Options include multiple languages, multiple currencies, unique fulfillment and logistics mechanisms, and multiple payment gateways and payout methods.

“Our ambition is to empower brands to build a truly impactful localisation strategy from the start, not as an afterthought,” says Techsembly co-founder and CEO Amy Read. “We want to encourage greater appreciation and knowledge of the cultural differences and similarities across the world, so brands can better connect with local audiences and compete with local incumbents.”

Techsembly says that clients who’ve migrated to the platform report a 70% increase in foreign sales when localising their outlets. To date, Techsemble counts Curate Beauty, Scots of the World, The Peninsula Hotels and Anglo-American fashion platform Not Just a Label, who alone have over 40k independent fashion designers under them as clients.

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