Holiday rental market intelligence startup Transparent raises $2.8 million

Holiday rental market intelligence startup Transparent raises $2.8 million

Madrid-based holiday rental market intelligence company Transparent has raised $2.8 million in a new funding round. Fingers crossed, maybe, just maybe, we might all collectively be released from our cages sooner than later, and in so much Transparent is projecting the rental industry to generate a hefty $75 billion in gross booking value in 2021. Travel and holiday data were always nice to have, but today, industry players are either going to sink or swim based on sound decisions. Transparent wants to be the sage that provides them with the data to do so.

Founded in 2016 by Pierre Becerril and Nil Sanz, Transparent uses an in-house intelligence platform that collects data from a wide range of sources and outputs actionable insights including forward-looking rates & occupancy, demand drivers, competitive analysis, and traveler origin(s) and patterns.

Clients of the startup come from a wide range of duties; property managers, real estate investors, travel agencies, and tourism boards. Transparent’s client base includes a number of household names including Amadeus,, Four Seasons, Marriott, Hopper, the Hawaii Tourism Board, and the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau.

“1 in every 3 beds available to travelers in the US are hosted in a vacation rental as opposed to a traditional hotel. As travelers' appetite for this type of accommodation grows, there is a need for business intelligence tools to help market participants make informed decisions on pricing, investment, and strategy,” comments co-founder and CEO Pierre Becerril. “During COVID-19, 25% of bookings occurred in short-term rentals, accelerating a long-term shift toward this form of accommodation.”

An undisclosed portion of the $2.8 million funding was made by JetBlue Technology Ventures, the venture capital arm of American low-cost airline JetBlue. Previous investors in the startup include K Fund, Highgate Ventures, and Kima Ventures.

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