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Hackathon to preserve the Arctic with European space technologies

Hackathon to preserve the Arctic with European space technologies

The diverse landscape of the Arctic is the challenge for the second CASSINI Hackathon to be held 5-7 November. The complex region is ever changing as the unique ecosystem adapts to the climate crisis bringing with it new challenges and opportunities on land and at sea.

The CASSINI Hackathons and Mentoring, initiated by the European Union and its space programmes, is a series of six hackathons that tackle global challenges using European space technologies. Held in ten locations across Europe, the hackathon will provide access to pre-processed Arctic data, on-demand training, and other valuable tools to help participants take on one of three challenges: 

  • Safe passage at sea, 
  • Life on land, or 
  • Caring for our wildlife. 

From its highly transited shipping routes connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to its role in regulating global temperatures, the Arctic is responsible for much of the way we live. Using space technology innovators will hash out ideas to protect the Arctic circle by designing products, devices, or services to allow shipping vessels to navigate safely across our Nordic Seas, enable human societies, plants and wildlife to better adapt to the Arctic climate or help protect biodiversity and the natural habitat of wildlife in the Arctic.

Registration for the event can be found here and participants will have the opportunity to win awards at both local and EU levels. The three overall winners will receive a six-month mentoring programme which includes 100 hours of customised expert mentoring. 

CASSINI Hackathons & Mentoring are also on the lookout for anyone who would like to participate as an organiser or mentor. Individuals, organisations, companies, and institutions are invited to apply to support the next generation of space-based entrepreneurs. More information on these opportunities can be found here for mentors and organisers.

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