Straight outta Tampere, Wirepas rolls 5G deep with a fresh €10 million

Straight outta Tampere, Wirepas rolls 5G deep with a fresh €10 million

Based on increased client demand, Finland’s Wirepas has received a €10 million investment in order to accelerate the development and commercial launch of the world’s first purpose-built, non-cellular 5G technology.

“We knew our solution was special and the need has become even more apparent and urgent over the past several months. This new injection of funds will help us continue to do what’s in our customers’ best interest, and that’s getting it done efficiently and as soon as possible,” commented CEO Teppo Hemiä. “We target to have the commercial launch in 2022.”

Wirepas’ current offering, Massive, is a large-scale (hence the name) mesh connectivity software solution for enterprise-grade IoT deployments namely in the areas of smart tracking, smart building, smart manufacturing, and smart metering.

The service has attracted the likes of Fujitsu, Prologis, Wurth, Schaeffler, Orange, and Fagerhult, to name a few, and this author can only surmise that some of these very same brands are clamouring for their very own non-cellular 5G based networks of the same strength, but with the added speed and reach.

With the approach, “You should own your network, not be owned by it,” Wirepas is aiming to change the rules. Not just a few, but all of the rules. Their non-cellular 5G standard means that businesses of any size can run their own independent IoT systems, bypassing complicated contracts and numerous middlemen, all with a reasonably simple setup.

Recognising the tremendous potential in Wirepas’ offer, existing investors Karma and Tesi have provided the €10 million. In order to get the product up and running and out the door, the majority of this funding will support Wirepas' recruiting spree, however, a portion of the capital is earmarked for longer-term product research and development.

“Wirepas, with its solid team, technical strength, massive traction, and amazing steps in 5G, is in an ideal phase to benefit from more funding. We are convinced that Wirepas is changing the IoT landscape forever,” says Karma's Tommi Uhari.

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