Addressing the challenges of ADHD head-on, Inflow raises $2.3 million

Addressing the challenges of ADHD head-on, Inflow raises $2.3 million

London-based Y Combinator alumni Inflow has raised $2.3 million in a seed funding round. Built by a team of clinicians and coaches, the science-based app provides an accessible and cost-effective solution to in-person therapy sessions for neurodiverse individuals, namely through the gold standard in ADHD treatment, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). The seed funding will be used to further expand the team as well as introduce new community-requested tools and services. To date, Inflow has raised $2.98 million.

In 2020 alone, some 366.33 million diagnosed adults exhibited symptomatic adult ADHD (regardless of a childhood onset). Symptoms of the condition can include anxiety, chronic boredom, impulsiveness, trouble concentrating, controlling anger, and depression, and affect not only the individual themselves but often the lives of loved ones around them. And these are the individuals who received a clinical diagnosis, while countless others remain undiagnosed.

But with so much strife associated with the condition, ADHD remains one of the least and often under-diagnosed and treated neurological conditions. The assessment process often involves extremely long waiting periods, with some individuals on waiting lists for months, if not years, and can be prohibitively expensive. Not to mention the fact that even entering, waiting, and then following through on the process requires a tremendous amount of effort, a process that can prove difficult, if not seemingly impossible for people with ADHD.

Founded in 2020 by Seb Isaacs, Levi Epstein (formerly Product Manager at Babylon Health), and leading ADHD expert Dr. George Sachs, the team at Inflow decided that it was high time individuals with ADHD received the support they so desperately need without the complicated and often frustrating process.

By employing the widely recognised and highly regarded cognitive behavioural therapy mechanism, the Inflow app provides users with a series of short daily exercises and challenges that aid in the development healthy habits. Likewise, users are offered the opportunity to learn new skills, practice ADHD-specific mindfulness techniques, learn about their neurological differences, and reframe negative thoughts. All without the wait.

“We knew we could simplify the ADHD care process and reach millions of underserved people living with ADHD,” commented Isaacs. “Inflow can offer immediate, affordable, and on-demand support in ways our burdened mental health system simply cannot. There’s no waitlist, no need for a referral, no complicated intake process. Inflow is here and ready whenever you are.”

Inflow’s $2.3 million seed funding round was led by Hoxton Ventures and saw participation from Route 66 Ventures. Additionally, angel investor support was received from the founders of addiction digital clinic Quit Genius (Yusuf Sherwani, Maroof Ahmed, Sarim Siddiqui), and the CEO of legal services chatbot DoNotPay, Joshua Browder.

“It’s been a privilege to watch Inflow deliver on its mission to see every person with ADHD thrive. At Hoxton Ventures, we know that empowered individuals go on to transform our world. We’re excited to see the impact that Inflow will have,” concluded Hoxton Ventures’ Hussein Kanji.


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