Through the looking glass - our favourite images from the Summit 2022

After pouring through countless images produced by photographers Joost Joossen, Laura De Winter, and Pieter Baert, here are some of my personal favourites from the Summit 2022.

Having spent close to a decade documenting the tech industry through the barrel of a lens, or as some of you might know, usually three, sometimes four, I'd like to think that I have a fairly good eye as to what makes for a good image.

The Summit 2022 was quite an interesting one for me personally, as it was the first time I was on the opposite side of the production table. MCing a stage for the day, leading a panel, and somewhat tangentially organising the photography team (startup life; am I right, or am I right?) provided fresh insight as to what organisers want and need as opposed to what photography and videography teams might think their clients want.

If I can only offer one piece of advice, it is this: long before the curtain goes up, give the comms and sales and marketing teams ample time to identify imagery that supports their goals. Both the day of, and most crucially, what types of shots can be used to support the next iteration of the event. Specifically, images that will help spark potential attendees and sponsor interest, because "did you see the photos from last year? That looked really good, we need to be there this year!"

With that said, our marketing department has requested I don't push out all the bread and butter, and reserve some for our push for next year, but I'm pleased as punch to share with you some of my favourites from the 2022 edition of the Summit.

Big thanks go out to Joost Joossen, Laura De Winter, and Pieter Baert for all their hard work.

See you next year in Brussels!

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