Implementing ESG correctly lands €1.6 million in Predium’s kitty

The Munich-based proptech startup assists companies manage their buildings in an economically and ecologically forward-thinking way
Implementing ESG correctly lands €1.6 million in Predium’s kitty

Real estate is responsible for 30 percent of CO2 emissions in Germany and currently causes around 115 million tons of CO2. According to the German Federal Environment Agency, these are to be reduced to 72 million tons of CO2 by 2030. To achieve this, the renovation rate in existing buildings would have to increase from the current one percent to two percent. Rising energy prices and legal requirements for the sustainable management of real estate are increasing the pressure on the real estate industry.

To combat this, German proptech startup Predium raised €1.6 million in funding for sustainable real estate management. The pre-seed round was led by btov Partners and 2bX. Other investors included angel investors such as Maximilian Viessmann (Viessmann Group), Kristofer Fichtner (Thermondo and ecoworks) and Michael Wax (forto).

Founded in 2021, the Munich-based platform makes it easier for project developers, property managers and housing companies in particular to define ESG goals for properties, select measures and price the investment financially, practically at the push of a button. It determines ESG balances, proposes CO2 reduction measures and backs them up with an investment calculation. Previously, these complex process steps had to be performed individually in a time-consuming manner.

Jens Thumm, founder and CEO of Predium Technology said: “Often, the current CO2 balance of the buildings is missing. In addition, companies cannot refurbish all buildings in the short term. The question arises as to which measures should be implemented at what point in time and what costs and savings these entail over time. The answer to this is currently an expensive and cumbersome mix of Excel and consulting projects.”

"Companies in the real estate industry will have to manage their assets more proactively in a sustainable manner in the future. Only those companies that achieve ambitious sustainability goals in an economically efficient and sensible manner will be able to survive in the market. This is where Predium comes in with its comprehensive solution,” added Jochen Gutbrod, partner at btov Partners.

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