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🎙️ The advantages of Vanta with Chief Revenue Officer Stevie Case

Vanta Chief Revenue Officer Stevie Case breaks down how and why the company automates compliance and simplifies security and what this means in terms of client growth and speed of execution.
🎙️ The advantages of Vanta with Chief Revenue Officer Stevie Case

Security and privacy frameworks are not your everyday topic of conversation, but the minute either of these fails, it's the talk of the office.

On the back of a just-days-ago-announced $40 million Series B extension to an already impressive $110 million round, we sit down with Vanta Chief Revenue Officer Stevie Case to discuss just what advantages the company offers organisations, and what this rock-solid compliance certification can mean when it comes to speed of execution, growth, and ultimately the bottom line.

Stevie also highlights, in 90 words or less the top three most requested compliance certifications, SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and how Vanta works closely with auditors to ensure that every client that walks through their doors leaves fully compliant.

The company has recently opened offices in Dublin and Sydney, with Stevie confirming that the company is currently scouting locations to open operations in South America. When asked about any future M&A activities, Ms. Case remains ... politely silent. 

All this and more with Vanta Chief Revenue Officer Stevie Case.


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