Belgian proptech startup Nodalview closes €4 million investment round

As the global real estate market cools after a blistering pandemic-fueled pace, sellers and the agents they list with are in need of a 21st-century update. Nodalview is providing French and Belgian real estate agents with the tools to do so.
Belgian proptech startup Nodalview closes €4 million investment round

While the global real estate market might be cooling off from its blistering pandemic pace, that doesn’t mean that the buying and selling of properties isn’t taking place. To this end, Belgian proptech startup Nodalview is surging ahead with its offer and has raised €4 million in a new investment round aimed at further expanding in its core markets as well as broadening its product within the real estate value chain.

The €4 million is provided by the company’s existing backers PROfounders Capital, K Fund, and Volta Ventures, as well as new investor finance&, bringing Nodalview’s total funding since 2019 to over €10 million.

Over the previous 2 years, the combination of low-interest rates that put home sellers in a favourable position, often requiring little effort to attract buyers has resulted in a record number of transactions across Europe. 

However, just looking at the window reveals that today’s unfavourable macroeconomic context is rebalancing the market back to its
pre-pandemic levels. Although a portion of transactions are still taking place, inflation and interest rate spikes have put the breaks on buyers; appetites, ultimately resulting in seller uncertainty.

Nodalview’s own research revealed that 88% of properties listed by agents on the main property portals in France and Belgium are not utilising buyer-friendly tech beyond that of the age-old process of traditional photography. 360° interactive tours, schematic 2D floor plans (<10% of listings) or even property videos (<1% of listings) are all vacant.

“For years the experience for home seekers has been neglected,” commented Nodalview CEO and co-founder Thomas Lepelaars. ”Complex market conditions make it more important than ever for real estate professionals to prove they can successfully attract and find the right buyers, especially in an evolving digital world.”

Leveraging smartphone tech Nodalview offers agents the ability to advertise with AI-powered photos, 360° virtual tours, videos, and schematic 2D floor plans all aimed at maximum visibility as buyers become less abundant.

According to the company they’ve helped over 1 million properties stand out online and is used by agents in over 30 countries.

“We’ve seen the real estate industry evolve to a more digitised and connected ecosystem. Expectations for customer experience are high and that will only increase in the future,” commented Lepelaars. “We continue to believe that finding a place to call home is an important step in everyone's life and we are excited to continue to support real estate agents to make that experience better and easier for everyone.”

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