Ramp stamps $5 million for finance forecasts in the C-suite

With cohort-based forecasting, customers are able to implement dynamic modelling of customer groups and compare forecasts to live revenue movements as they occur.
Ramp stamps $5 million for finance forecasts in the C-suite

London's Ramp closed its seed round at $5 million. Led by Albion VC and Eurazeo, the funds are expected to streamline client onboarding to Ramp's forecasting platform aimed at removing bleary guesswork from revenue projections.

Founders Angus Lovitt, Dan Marcus, Francois du Toit and Jan Pickard are spearheading the platform's specialty in cohort-based forecasting, a technique able to extrapolate customer  behaviour in groups from the point of merchant acquisition.

Ramp has built several statistical models for cohorts of customers for dynamically forecasting of customer decision making. An enhanced view details interactions across distinct levers of the client's business, while inputs such as demand seasonality and live operations can be used to further optimise forecasts.

At this point, four years subsequent to its inception, Ramp has quickly accrued a roster of gaming clients, including Space Ape Games, FRVR, Pixel United and Netspeak Games. It claims it's onboarding at least one new enterprise customer every month.

Co-founder Angus Lovitt has scale up experience in the gaming industry having overseen scaling of the mainstream puzzle title Candy Crush in his time as marketing VP with publishers King Digital Entertainment.

Besides Eurazeo and Albion VC, the seed round clinched support from Triple Point Ventures along with angel investors Barnaby Hussey-Yeo and Stephane Kurgan, among others.

Angus Lovitt, Ramp chief strategy officer  comments: "Our platform dramatically increases the accuracy of revenue forecasting in a fraction of time it would take in spreadsheets.

"What took us all a day in terms of number crunching we can now do in minutes. Yet what really excites me about the platform are the strategic decisions we empower businesses to make.

"Our platform has given some businesses the confidence to invest in growth through marketing, while others the evidence to cutting costs or shuddering services. The insight we deliver can be game-changing.”

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