You say Klimato, I say Klimahto, let’s just call the whole thing a €4.2 million raise

Since 2018, the cimatetech startup has been focused on helping the food industry reduce CO2 emissions and is now armed with a fresh €4.2 million in order to push ever deeper into new markets.
You say Klimato, I say Klimahto, let’s just call the whole thing a €4.2 million raise

Stockholm-based Kilimato has raised €4.2 million in new capital that will help the climatetech startup enter news markets including Germany, France, and the US as it aims to become the de facto solution for sustainability services within the food sector.

The crisp funds were plated by Global Cleantech Capital (GCC) with existing investor Almi Invest GreenTech attended to by sous chefs.

Very much in line with what French competitor Carbon Maps is working on, Klimato is reducing the carbon footprint stock du jour down to a fine food industry-focused sauce.

Using research-based data, Klimato’s software offering automates the process of carbon accounting, thereby eliminating any room for human error (or fudging of the books), and making it more accurate. But recognising that accountability and action aren’t mutually exclusive, Klimato also offers up a dashboard that allows users to not only track their emissions but identify actions to reduce them.

The company works with over 500 food businesses including Hilton, Quorn, and Wahaca, in 12 countries on three continents, and aims to use the fresh produce to expand its reach even further. According to the company, customers using their solution have been able to reduce CO2 emissions by an average of 23% over the course of 2022, from 1.1 kg CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) to 0.8 kg CO2e. Moreover, 57% of all the dishes that Klimato’s customers served in 2022 were climate-friendly (0.5 kg CO2e or below), compared to the global average of 1.7 kg CO2e.

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