BioCorteX raises $5 million to unlock drug-bacteria interactions

The funds will be used to further develop the company's Carbon Mirror platform which sheds the light on how drugs will react to different microbiome
BioCorteX raises $5 million to unlock drug-bacteria interactions

London-based bio-tech BioCorteX has raised $5 million in Seed funding. The funds will be used to further develop the company's Carbon Mirror platform which is a computer simulation to understand drug-bacteria interactions which hopes to improve a person's response to treatments. 

The round was led by Sofinnova Partners and Hoxton Ventures. Edward Kliphuis, Partner at Sofinnova Partners, and Hussein Kanji, Partner, Hoxton Ventures, will join the BioCorteX Board of Directors.

"BioCorteX's technology is the perfect example of how the power of data and novel computational techniques can be used to transform healthcare. Never before have we been able to comprehend the vast complexity of the microbiome. Carbon Mirror gives us the power to elucidate cause and effect in the microbiome-host relationship and thus develop solutions that could drastically alter patient outcomes," say Edward Kliphuis, Partner, Sofinnova Partners. 

BiocorteX has created a microbiome database that it uses to train its AI and predict whether a drug candidate will work or whether it can be tweaked for an individual.

"The interaction between the microbiome and its host is complex and remains a challenging question that requires an entirely new approach. As a clinician, our technology aims to develop treatments that will change a person who does not respond into someone who does, so that people living with diseases have confidence in the outcome," says Dr. Nik Sharma, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of BioCorteX.

"Having Sofinnova Partners and Hoxton Ventures on board as investors is fantastic as they have a unique understanding of our technology and the industry's intricacies, which makes them the ideal partners," he adds. 

"BioCorteX is looking at the microbiome in a unique way, using math to improve very challenging health issues," says Hussein Kanji, Partner, Hoxton Ventures. "The technology has the potential to impact everything from the development of new and improved drugs to an individual's health outcome. We are excited to partner with them on their journey."

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