The UK’s Climate Policy Radar and Chancery Lane Project named to Personio Foundation’s Impact Portfolio

Giving back when and where it's needed most, the Personio Foundation’s Impact portfolio provides financial and strategic support to non-profits operating in the fields of climate action and education.
The UK’s Climate Policy Radar and Chancery Lane Project named to Personio Foundation’s Impact Portfolio

Munich’s Personio Foundation, the benevolent arm of HRtech giant Personio has announced the addition of seven new organisations to its 2023 Impact Fund, including UK-based Climate Policy Radar and Chancery Lane Project.

Climate Policy Radar is an open data and open-source search platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to collect and analyse massive amounts of policy data. The startup was recently named as an official Chat GPT-4 launch collaborator with OpenAI.

Effectively, CPR offers tools that “open up the messy black box of climate laws, policies, and case law globally,” and aids decision-makers in designing more effective climate change strategies.

"We're delighted to join Personio's impact Portfolio, which will enable us to continue investing in our people, processes, and progressive company policies - It's so refreshing to collaborate with a funder that puts strong emphasis on happy, functioning teams as an intrinsic goal. Of course, this will also help us work better, build better tools and create more value for our users," said Climate Policy Radar founder and CEO Michal Nachmany.

Chancery Land Project is a legal-based project that is seeking to incorporate climate change solutions into every contract globally. The startup offers what it calls a Net Zero Toolkit -  a collection of clauses, glossary terms, and tools that enable lawyers to incorporate precedents and commercial agreements to deliver climate solutions.

In addition to Climate Policy Radar and the Chancery Lane Project, both hailing from the UK, additional inductees include Fundi Bots (Uganda), Maliasili (Kenya), Pemimpin (Malaysia), Project Soar (Morocco), Steps (Thailand).

“The purpose of Personio Foundation is to maximise opportunities for those who create innovative and scalable solutions to some of the defining challenges of our time. At Personio Foundation, we believe in building great organisations. We therefore offer unrestricted, multi-year grants to all of our portfolio organisations, empowering them to leverage the support where they need it the most,” concludes Personio Foundation MD Philipp Richter. “We’re excited to partner with seven additional outstanding organisations tackling some of the most  pressing issues in climate action and global education.”

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