Climate Policy Radar pulls back the curtain, launches global climate policy database

"Our ultimate goal is to facilitate better policymaking. Holding policymakers to account is one of those avenues," Climate Policy Radar Founder and CEO, Dr. Michal Nachmany
Climate Policy Radar pulls back the curtain, launches global climate policy database

Every successful business practice involves continual refinement; Meliora. In so much, the business of climate action and policymaking go hand in hand when it comes to improvement. Or at least it should. 

Dr. Michal Nachmany

It’s this thinking that’s been driving London-based Climate Policy Radar founder Dr. Michal Nachmany and her team for the past 1.5 years. As of today, the startup has pulled back the curtains on what they’ve been working on; an open data and open source search platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to collect and analyse massive amounts of policy data at scale. 

Ultimately, this equips decision-makers with rich, high-quality data that should help policymakers replicate successful policies and avoid failed ones. And the kicker? Hold them accountable.

Now that's something yours truly can get behind.

Speaking to me under a sweltering London sun, Dr. Nachmany illustrates just one of Climate Policy Radar’s usages, “The extreme weather events which Europe is experiencing these days screams for policy solutions. First, for adaptation measures that make sure our infrastructure, food systems, and the public are ready for the climate impacts that are already here. 

Next, and more importantly - for policies that will half our emissions by the end of the decade and get us to Net Zero as quickly as possible. These spell out big changes in multiple policy domains  - energy, transportation, agriculture, and industry. Getting those right is critical - so we need transparency and access to information about laws and policies globally.”

Search results within Climate Policy Radar hold policymakers accountable.

According to the startup they’ve welcomed over 250 civil servants, academics, and members of international organisations, and civil society in their first group of users, and today’s alpha launch will pave the way for a full-blown launch of services later this year.

“Later this year, we'll be adding data about climate litigation cases. We have a seen a significant uptake in court cases against governments and corporates, including a high court ruling this week in the UK stating that the net zero strategy is vague and unlawful as it does not have enough measures to meet statutory targets,” commented Dr. Nachmany on the startup’s future developments. “Tracking litigation is another way to ensure speedy and effective climate action.”

Climate Policy Radar is preparing for a new funding round and has raised £2.1 million to date, primarily via Quadrature Climate Foundation

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