Monday Merch raises €500,000 to expand its merchandise platform

The Dutch start-up team will rollout its employee merchandise platform to gain more traction in Europe while growing its team
Monday Merch raises €500,000 to expand its merchandise platform

Rotterdam-based start-up Monday Merch has raised €500,000 in growth capital to fund its European rollout and allows it to grow its team. Funding came from Rabobank

Founded by Jeroen Westerbeek, Florian Frenken, Kevin van der Veer and Daniël Salimian this is not this teams first business together. Westerbeek, van der Veer and Salimian also founded WoodWatch in 2013 - selling wooden watches and planting trees with each sale bagged them all a spot on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. 

This new platform offers sustainable and high-quality merchandise for employees and gives customers live insight into the entire merch journey from A to Z. It is one centralised place where designers can collaborate, orders and inventory are visible and international shipments are organised. 

"The technology we are introducing to the merchandise market is unique and value-added for small, but especially large, companies that want to spend less time on merchandising and significantly improve the experience," says Salimian.

Monday Merch platform

''We have experienced firsthand how difficult it is to organise merch. Spending countless hours finding great products, ordering everything from different places and then going to pack and take it to the post office ourselves. We thought: this can and should be better. Out of this need Monday Merch was born. Sustainable, high quality merch, that comes from one place in beautiful packages to your office or employees.'' says van der Veer. 

As well as organising your employee's swag Monday Merch also offers also offers storage in their warehouse along with international shipping options. It has already racked up a list of big name clients. 

''From Day 1, we consistently received more requests than we could handle. This allowed us to scale the team to 50 team members in a short time.'' says Frenken. ''Our first major customer was Polaroid. At that moment we knew we had something unique in our hands with Monday Merch. This was quickly followed by companies such as Uber, Sixt and Hyundai.'' 

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