🎙️ The Drive at Five - All the European tech news fit to talk about. This week.

According to the calendar it was a short week, but you'd never know it in the Tech.eu newsroom. This week we're covering CampX by Volvo Group, ChatGPT, EyeEm goes ByeEm, Cate's obsession with death tech, and robot beer dispensers.
🎙️ The Drive at Five - All the European tech news fit to talk about. This week.

Live and direct from the Tech.eu newsroom, it's been a short week, but topics abound.

This week we're talkin':

00:57 - Spotted Zebra raised a seed round of $1.8 million for its workforce platform. Fiona sees this as great news for the skills gap sector, as the 'zebras are 'powering the shift to skill-based organisations’.
01:24 - Lithuania’s SME Finance added another €100 million to its pot thanks to London-based Fasanara Capital.
01:45 - Czech Republic has a new investment fund for AI start-ups. (AISI) AI Start-up Incubator is aiming to raise €20 million to support early-stage AI-driven companies.
02:03 - CampX by Volvo Group announced that they will also be adding a focus on fintech innovations going forward to ‘better support their customers with productivity and sustainable solutions’.
03:10 - OpenAI’s ChatGPT is entering a world of regulatory pain in Europe.
03:20 - Would you like to see the video version of these podcasts? Hit us up on the Tweeters and let us know.
06:16 - Who's enforcing this? Is this like a Sicilian task force?
08:00 - The horse has already bolted.
08:24 - Remember EyeEm? Well, it looks like they're now ByeEm. Here's the story. 😞
08:45 - Robin sold a photo. This one:

10:39 - Lifetime earnings? $4.28. #retirementfund

15:45 - Cate brings us death tech. Again. I'm starting to sense an obsession.
20:27 - Do they have to be dead?
20:44 - I want to be smoked after I'm dead.
22:37 - Robin's one more thing: Raspberry Pi has received fresh investment from Sony’s semiconductor unit.
24:24 - Could it get me a beer?

All this and a whole lot more on this week's Drive at Five!

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