UK influence analytics company WeArisma raises £2.5 million to help brands optimise their earned media

'The role played by earned media is ill-understood' says founder and CEO of WeArisma, Jenny Tsai
UK influence analytics company WeArisma raises £2.5 million to help brands optimise their earned media

UK-based influence analytics platform WeArisma has raised £2.5 million to establish its brand discoverability and earned influence analytical tool. The platform is like a social media search engine for brands showing them how well their influence ranks on popular media. WeArisma helps brands find out their Earned Brand Influence Value (EBIV).

The funding round was led by Adjuvo.

“Assessing the value and effectiveness of influencer marketing is critical for retailers and brands. Adjuvo members are delighted to support Jenny and the team at WeArisma in this fast growing and innovative sector,” says Mark Foster-Brown, co-founder and CEO of Adjuvo.

To date the company has received a total of £3.5 million in investment, having been awarded £1 million from Morgan Stanley’s Multicultural Innovation Lab in 2022

“The explosion of influencer marketing we’ve seen since the start of the pandemic means that it’s now at a level of maturity where organisations need a better way of identifying what’s worked well, what’s not, and the overall ROI. WeArisma aggregates billions of different feeds to help brands understand how they rank amongst their target audience across all social channels and, importantly, how easily their audience will find content that drives real brand affinity and health,” says Jenny Tsai, CEO and founder of WeArisma.

“The consumer as a curator is here to stay in this increasingly fragmented purchasing journey and the role played by earned media is ill-understood. We are delighted to take on the critical question of understanding, quantifying and thus predicting the relationship between earned media, commercial impact and market share in the near-term and brand value in the long-term,” adds Tsai.

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