Irish agritech StrongBó scales with €750,000 as it weighs in with a solution for the beef production sector

Thanks to StrongBó cattle can now weigh themselves in the comfort of their own pastures and all for the prize of a bucket of feed - the innovation has caught the eye of New Zealand agri solutions firm Gallagher
Irish agritech StrongBó scales with €750,000 as it weighs in with a solution for the beef production sector

StrongBó, an Irish agritech company allows beef producers to collect live data on the weight of their cattle with its hardware-enabled software solution. How do you get a cow to weigh itself? Put a bucket of food in front of it! The animal steps up on the platform for a feed, meanwhile the producer gets the data to get an idea of how the animal is growing.

The Dublin firm, based in NovaUCD has just raised €750,000 in a round led by New Zealand agri solutions firm Gallagher and it also includes funding from Enterprise Ireland via the High Potential Start-up programme and funds from Canada’s 519 Growth Fund and the Grand River Agricultural Society. 

“We are delighted to secure this funding round with such a significant mix of globally recognised industry players and seasoned investors like Enterprise Ireland. Our latest innovation allows farmers to gain new insights into how their animals are actually progressing. StrongBó provides average daily gains so farmers can see how much the animals are growing, and how much weight they're putting on. You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” says Micheál McInerney, co-founder and CEO, StrongBó. 

“Now more than ever, farmers are looking for technologies that enable them to farm more efficiently and profitably. Being able to regularly weigh livestock while in the paddock can mean real savings in labour output and potentially down the track it may enable them to track the more feed efficient animals and lower greenhouse gas emitters. Remote weighing also keeps cows on-feed 24/7, allowing them to maximise weight gain, therefore reducing the need and stress from traipsing up to the yard for weighing," says Sarah Adams, General Manager of Strategy and New Ventures for Gallagher Animal Management. 

Main image: StrongBó Agritech co-founders, Micheál McInerney and Marty Metzger, with a StrongBó automatic animal weighing device (source: StrongBó)

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