SuperLight Photonics secures Seed investment for wideband laser development

SuperLight Photonics is developing wideband laser technology that will transform multiple sectors.
SuperLight Photonics secures Seed investment for wideband laser development

This week, SuperLight Photonics, a spin-off from the University of Twente, announced the completion of an undisclosed Seed investment round.

The Dutch company is developing a wideband laser to serve as a 'light source' in various measurement and detection applications.

Unlike existing laser technology, SuperLight Photonics can use colours in light to transmit information. This technology has numerous potential applications, such as creating 3D images of eyes for opticians or aiding dermatologists in detecting skin cancer. 

Beyond the medical sector, laser technology can be used, for example, to detect small cracks in oil or gas pipelines or to enhance optical safety sensors in smart cars.

Cees Links, CEO of SuperLight Photonics, shared:

 "Our mission is to leverage our platform technology with active support from our investors. 

We aim for a swift market entry, relying on the robust photonics ecosystem in the Netherlands and Twente. In the coming years, 

SuperLight Photonics is poised for significant growth, market establishment, and further scaling. We eagerly anticipate market responses to our upcoming product launches at the PIC Summit Europe."

Dutch Deep Tech investor DeepTechXL leads the round in collaboration with Oost NL.

Ron Maurer, partner at DeepTechXL stated: 

"DeepTechXL is thrilled to invest in further developing SuperLight Photonics' platform technology and actively supporting CEO Cees Links and founder Haider Zia, in collaboration with Oost NL. 

The unique technology aligns with our goals of achieving societal objectives such as faster, more cost-effective data generation and disease detection. In the long run, it could also contribute to more energy-efficient data exchange."

SuperLight Photonics will further develop its platform technology into unique products and (sub)systems with this investment.

Lead image: Super Photonics. Photo: Uncredited.

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