Social Links invests $1M in Brightside AI to fight social engineering cyberattacks

Brightside AI's SaaS platform to help teams combat the social-engineering cyber-attacks enabled by the mass adoption of generative AI.  
Social Links invests $1M in Brightside AI to fight social engineering cyberattacks

Today Brightside AI, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of a $1 million deal with Social Links, a technology investor in OSINT infrastructure. 

Brightside AI has developed a SaaS platform to help teams combat social-engineering cyber-attacks that are enabled by the mass adoption of generative AI.  

Human error remains the root cause of approximately 80-90 percent of cyberattacks, and a staggering 96 percent of social engineering attacks are initiated through email channels. The advent of ChatGPT has provided cybercriminals worldwide with the means to enhance their phishing endeavours across multiple languages, rendering them increasingly personalised and challenging for the untrained observer to detect.

Social Links is an OSINT platform that processes data from over 500 open sources to significantly accelerate data-centric tasks for companies involved in open data management. 

As part of the collaboration, Brightside will have access to the Social Links platform for the next 5 years to train LLM models of its artificial intelligence-based human data search engine, making them more effective through the use of real-world examples.

Andrey Suzdaltsev, CEO and co-founder of Brightside AI, detailed: 

“Phishing attacks are up 47% in 2022 compared to 2021, and the advent of ChatGPT has personalised these threats and taken hackers' capabilities to a new level. Phishing is like marketing.

The more data the attacker has on a victim, the better he can target and convert with his fraudulent message. Using Social Links OSINT infrastructure, Brightside will be able to show its users with up to 100% accuracy what threats their digital footprint poses to their security." 

"We're excited about our strategic partnership with Social Links because it enables us to enhance our solution and, at the same time, allows us to apply the SL offering (or API) to the cybersecurity market in a unique way".


 Ivan Shkvarun, co-founder of Social Links shared: 

“We are investing $1M in Brightside's infrastructure because it offers a powerful and innovative solution to combat the problem of human error in cybersecurity.

Reducing human error is essential because no one can guarantee zero risk of cyberattacks, especially in a scenario where new AI phishing developments are on the rise and present a major threat to online security. 

That's why we're not only investing in Brightside's infrastructure but also supporting it with our data extraction solutions from more than 500 open sources. 

We understand the significance of harnessing technology to make a safer world.”

Lead image: Brightside AI. Photo: Uncredited.

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