Wondercraft raises $3 million Seed funding for the 'Canva of audio'

Wondercraft creates professional, studio-quality audio for podcasts, audiobooks, ads, and company communications.
Wondercraft raises $3 million Seed funding for the 'Canva of audio'

Today AI audiotech startup Wondercraft announced that it has raised a $3 million Seed round to scale its platform.

The technology enables anyone to create studio-quality audio productions - whether for podcasts, ads, audiobooks, meditations or training materials - in any language by simply typing.

Wondercraft was founded by Palantir engineers Dimitris Nikolaou and Youssef Rizk, and Oskar Serrander, former COO at Acast and executive at Spotify and iHeartmedia. 

Wondercraft users can add professional audio to a huge range of creative projects, with templates ready to transform blogs into podcasts, articles into audiobooks, and advertising copy into marketing campaigns. 

The Wondercraft tools and templates offer custom AI script assistants, professional music, video generation and ultra-realistic AI voice.

With no need for a studio, mics, mixing equipment or editing software, user can create studio-quality audio in minutes and at a fraction of the traditional cost.

The platform also offers a tool to seamlessly translate and dub new or existing projects into over 15 languages using AI and is supported by a team of 100+ language experts who edit, validate, and quality assure each translation. 

Dimitris Nikolaou, co-founder, comments:

"Canva made everyone a designer – we want to empower everyone to be an audio creator.
 Audio is an integral part of people's media habits today, yet many gifted storytellers are held back by limited tools, production resources and translation services.

The incredible breakthrough in human-like synthetic voices, pioneered by our partners at ElevenLabs, was the catalyst for us to pursue our vision of a creative platform dedicated to audio."

After launching in beta in 2023, over 30,000 creators, writers, entrepreneurs, advertisers and brand use Wondercraft. 

Jared Schwartz, Executive Producer at Coindesk, shared :

"Wondercraft has been a great addition to our workflow at CoinDesk Podcasts. We've been able to integrate the technology into our shows for a more efficient process without sacrificing quality.

With our growth strategy to build out the CoinDesk Podcast Network, I see Wondercraft as an important partner in leveraging the very best in AI Voice for our needs."

Following initial funding from Y Combinator,  this round was led by Will Ventures, and joined by voice research lab ElevenLabs, and host of the Diary of A CEO podcast Steven Bartlett.

 The investment will further build out the platform's capabilities and expand the features available to Wondercraft's users.

Lead image: Wondercraft. Photo: uncredited.

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