Peripass to equip 1000 sites with yard management software by 2030, following €7.5M funding

Peripass' platform solves yard operational problems such as truck congestion, dispatching inefficiencies, and time lost on manual administrative processes.
Peripass to equip 1000 sites with yard management software by 2030, following €7.5M funding

Today, Belgian logistics SaaS scale-up Peripass announced it has secured €7.5 million in funding to accelerate its global expansion. 

The current labour shortage in the logistics and transportation industries forces companies to evaluate their processes and embrace digital transformation. While production efficiency is optimised on the factory floor, this fails to translate to the yard, which is where Peripass comes in.

By digitally streamlining trailer movements, Peripass successfully reduces driver waiting times by up to 70 percent. 

This not only improves efficiency and comfort but also significantly reduces CO2 emissions and the number of accidents, resulting in considerable cost savings for logistics sites.

While this innovation is highly beneficial, only 10 percent of the market currently uses an automation platform for logistics operations. Peripass aims to equip 1,000 sites with yard management software by 2030, improving the daily waiting times of over 150,000 truck drivers.

Welvaartfonds led the financing round, which builds on previous investments from the Van Overstraeten Group.

Roald Borré, Portfolio Manager at Welvaartsfonds shared: 

"Peripass has an impressive vision for the future of manufacturing and logistics sites. In a sector where every second counts, drivers often face unnecessary delays. 

We were impressed by the innovative solution, the proven return on investment, and the team's passion. We look forward to helping Peripass achieve its global ambitions." 

Today, Peripass operates in 13 countries and is set to increase.

 Leander Naessens, CEO of Peripass shared:

"Our customers often have locations in different countries and continents. They have experienced the value of Peripass on their European sites and are now asking us to follow them across the globe." 

With the capital raised, Peripass will focus on building a global partner network and strengthening its existing commercial teams in France, the UK, and Germany. 

It will also continue to invest in simplifying the daily tasks of truck drivers and logistics staff through its self-service technology. This technology allows drivers to register and process documents in their language and to receive information via SMS about loading and unloading locations and times, also in their preferred language.

Looking ahead, a future of vehicle automation increases the need for logistics solutions. 

Naessens shared:

"Currently, truck parking areas sharply contrast with the high degree of automation in production halls. However, in a future where self-driving, autonomous vehicles become a reality, they will also enter logistics sites.

Effective management is crucial to ensuring the safety and optimal utilisation of these vehicles. Peripass plays a significant role in preparing for that future."

Lead image: Marcin Jozwiak.

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