Kyiv climatetech startup Carbominer secures €1.5M EIC Accelerator Fund grant

Carbominer develops an efficient and sustainable technology to capture CO₂ locally from the ambient air.
Kyiv climatetech startup Carbominer secures €1.5M EIC Accelerator Fund grant

Kyiv carbon climatetech startup Carbominer has signed a grant agreement with the EIC Accelerator Fund, securing a €1.5 million grant and eligibility for up to €7.5 million in equity at later stages. 

Carbominer was founded in 2020 by Nick Oseyko, a Ukrainian innovator with an engineering and corporate background. 
Its technology captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (Direct Air Capture).  

The team firmly believes that CO₂ is a valuable feedstock rather than a dangerous waste and can benefit various customers globally. 
Its focused initially on indoor agriculture, enabling more sustainable and efficient food production by supplying green atmospheric CO₂ to indoor farmers. With this fossil-free CO₂, farmers can sustainably promote crop yield by 30 per cent in their greenhouse or vertical farm. 

Specifically, the EIC is funding the team’s efforts to bring DAC technology to commercialisation.                                   

This includes scaling DAC machines to 50 and 250 tons per year, pre-commercialisation activities with European vertical farms, and smart greenhouses, and establishing a DAC-unit production line within the next four years. 

Carbominer 1-tonne DAC machine that went for pilot in 2022. Credit: Carbominer

Carbominer is the second Ukrainian startup to receive financing under the new EIC Accelerator program, which has been operational since 2021. 

Across all EIC funding programs, 20 Ukrainian innovative projects have received financing over the last decade. 

Carbominer has previously secured funding of exactly $1 Million in equity investment from Ukrainian fund and Swiss Business Angel. 

Lead image: Carbominer team. Photo: uncredited.

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