Mixer Games has completed its bridge round at a valuation of $5M

The funding allows Mixer Games to implement user feedback.
Mixer Games has completed its bridge round at a valuation of $5M

Turkish Mixer Games has received investment at a valuation of $5M from Diffusion Capital Partners, WePlay Ventures and angel investors for its new app Fundle.

Mixer was founded in 2021 by Alican Karaman and Eren Erenoğlu. Developers working on Fundle, which released in beta a while ago in order to gather feedback from initial users, will be able expedite its launch on the US market due to the funding as Mixer continues to integrate live-ops elements and ‘significant improvements’ into the software. They will also add new games to its offering, aiming to host 30 by the end of the year.

Angel investors in the round included John Wright, a VP at UK-based gaming company Kwalee who has guided the gaming companies over the industry’s fifteen year crescendo. Wright has also joined the company's advisory board.

Co-Founder Alican Karaman shared: ‘’Since day one, we've been working to make it easier for players to enjoy gaming, with fun always being our focus. Fundle, responding to the demand for 'playing games together,' can offer players the gaming, competition, and socialization concepts we envisioned in one app. We're just at the beginning of an exciting journey, and we extend endless thanks to all our investors for their trust.’’

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